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Embrace the process, and the rest gets easier

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

A positive attitude is contagious. Running depends heavily on a positive attitude. It took me a while to realize this ...

Running, to me, has always been a love/hate relationship. There are days when even tying my shoes seems just as hard as the run itself. But it is the constant desire for more, to be better, to become a master of the discipline, that pushes me out the door.

I am a firm believer that if your attitude toward your passion is contagious, it becomes easier and — believe it or not — more enjoyable. Like anything that is contagious, it spreads. All of a sudden, the joy for running spreads from one person to the next, from club to club, from team to team. What were once daily solo runs become group runs, and without being aware of it, the running community becomes stronger.

There are numerous benefits to having training partners, and having a group of like-minded individuals, to support you in your goals. There is all of a sudden an ease to the workload and a joy to “the process.” What’s the process you ask? Well, it is the steps you take to complete any goal. What is unique about the process for running is that there is no set recipe that works for everyone — everyone’s is different. Sometimes, your trip from point A to point B might be different than your training partner’s. If you are able to mix your recipes together, your final product will more than likely amount to much more than what you had thought was possible. There is all of a sudden a respect for the process.

Within the process, your teammates will hold you accountable, and 5:30 in the morning isn’t as strenuous and the snooze button not as appealing. Your training partners will be there when the miles get tough, when you have one more repetition up the hill and one last lap on the track. They will be there waiting to embrace you as you cross the finish line. It’s all contagious!

Bring charisma and a contagious attitude to whatever you do. You may be a parent, a teacher, a manager or business owner. Whatever you do, “attitude reflects leadership.” Your love and passion for anything will grow stronger if you do. The happiness running has brought to my life, and the ability to share it, allows others to love it just the same.

If I can do that every day, I have already won the race.

Thomas Paquette is the owner and personal running coach for Next Level Running and can be reached at

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