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Ali Stonehouse

There are not enough kind words to say about Thomas Paquette. He is my coach, my friend, and my perpetual cheerleader. For the past year, Thomas has collaborated on my running goals, and given me the schedule, workouts and support I need to achieve, or adjust them. He is flexible with my work schedule, my tired feet, and endless travel, and always adapts my training to my particular needs. Within the first month of working together I PRed my half marathon time by 5 minutes. Thomas has helped me not only become a stronger and faster runner, but also a happier one. Next Level Running is a community full of the kind support and encouragement that allows you to thrive as an athlete, and I am so grateful for that.


Kelly Gordon Roe

Over the past two years of belonging to NLR I have been able to take my running beyond what I thought was ever possible. No doubt I have accomplishments over my career; being a runner with NLR has given me focus and direction to achieve what I commit to and introduced me to a great group of like-minded fitness friends I never would have met.

Working with Thomas gives me an experienced coach who cares about me, my goals and all of his athletes. Thomas reminds me of the importance of effort to get me to meet my commitments and goals. He is a role model for me and I am grateful he shares his passion with me.


Jess Harms

Before Next Level Running I was complacent in my running. I wasn’t unhappy, I just wasn’t striving to reach my potential. Nor was I being pushed to do so. I joined NLR to, you guessed it, take my running to the next level & in a few short months I did just that. I was achieving goals I didn't know I had & was suddenly infused with  the belief that maybe I wasn’t just ok at running, maybe I was good at it! Thomas has a way of seeing what you’re capable of before you realize it yourself. Whether he gets that message across through pep talks or workouts or both, the results will speak for themselves.


JeanMarie Rodriguez

Joining up with Thomas and his Next Level Running crew was one of the best decisions I have made. He has given me support and confidence in myself and in my running. He helps me form goals that fit my level of running that also carry over into other aspects of my life. A year ago I never would have imagined being where I am today with my running but here I am running farther and stronger, not only physically but mentally with his constant encouragement and knowledge. I also love that when the crew gets together for a group workout there is nothing but shout outs of positivity and camaraderie as we go through it! Coaching that keeps you moving and wanting to not give up!

I came to Thomas a little over a year ago with no particular goal in mind, and not particularly sure I even wanted a coach.  I had been a pretty stubborn runner; I tried to run fast every time I went out, I would run excessively, and it wasn't very beneficial at all.  But I gave it a shot, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thomas provided me with a plan, which I stuck to, and I was already seeing results in my running.

 I felt great, my speed was increasing, and I had a better mental grip on the whole "running" thing. I have PRd many races, including all of my marathons. I went from a 4:23, to a 4:04, to a 3:42 marathon, and I couldn't be happier with that.  Next Level Running has provided me with running friends within the community and a team that I am proud to be a part of. It is something that I am able to have fun with and enjoy with other people. Thomas shows up to races and supports every one of his athletes, and he sincerely cares about helping others succeed and achieve their goals.  

Jayna Leach

I started working with Thomas a little over a year ago.  I had been running pretty consistently for several years and found myself at a point where I really wanted to improve.  Overall I found my race times to have been fairly stagnant with no real improvements. I heard about Thomas from a facebook post and sent him an email and we met to discuss my goals.  My initial goal was to get faster (isn't that true for all of us)! I was never great about piecing together workouts or running plans and having a running coach took out the guesswork.  Thomas started sending me weekly running plans and we got together once a week for a group workout. It was the first time I had ever worked with a running coach and I found I was not only enjoying the customized running plan, but I was also loving the support  that came from this new group of runners I was meeting.


My spring marathon was several months away and after working with Thomas I ran personal bests in a 5K and a half marathon before finally a PR in the marathon as well. The great thing about working with Thomas is the running plan he provides is customized to your specific goal.  For example - my fall marathon came with a completely different goal. I was having hip and knee issues but still wanted to toe the line in Chicago in the fall. My goal was simply to arrive at the starting line and complete the race as pain-free as possible. My weekly schedule was very different this time around, but exactly what I needed.  I completed the marathon feeling fantastic, pain-free and only 12 minutes slower than my previous race. A definite win for me.

Thomas was able to help me define and meet my goals (even as they changed) and helped me stay consistent and motivated.  I would definitely recommend Thomas to help you reach your running goals!

Sara Flynn

I first met Thomas Paquette when I was a sixty-year-old, recovering from two leg surgeries, not having run consistently for five years, wondering if I could be healthy and active again. My goals at the time were: 1) sustain a high level of fitness and 2) run a marathon distance. What I have gotten from Thomas is so much more.


Thomas coaches me as a total person. Yes, he advises me on my goals, sets my training schedule, and monitors my progress, but more than that… Thomas inspires a love of running as a life-long pursuit, fosters mind/body awareness, and motivates me to challenge myself in new ways.


A year ago, working with a coach wasn’t on my radar but I knew I needed something to help me over my fitness slump. Right from the get go, Thomas listened carefully and responded to my questions with practical advice. He anticipated my needs, shared resources to help me develop a runner’s mindset, and talked me through the inevitable bumps in the road.


Over the course of working together I have come to appreciate that Thomas lives the qualities he encourages in his athletes. He eagerly seeks guidance from his own mentors, trains himself devotedly, and passes on what he learns to clients and friends. He cultivates the running community, both large and small, by supporting local fun runs, bringing his athletes to regional races, and sharing his experience in guest appearances on national runners’ podcasts.


As a result of working with Thomas I am now connected to a great group of runners who inspire me with their efforts and camaraderie. And a year later, I’ve run a sub-four hour marathon with a Boston Marathon qualifying time in my sights. That says it all!

Tom Julius

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