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Level 3
12 month Plan - $120/month


Level 1

1 Month Plan - $140 - one time fee or /month at a time

  • Free one-time introductory/consultation meeting

  • Access to a 1 month plan to get you started via Google Docs

  • Opportunities for group workouts and runs (if available in your local area)

  • Once a week communication via email, text or phone with your coach

Level 2     
6 Month Plan - $130/month

Both Level 2 & 3 provide the following: ​

  • Free monthly face to face check-in meeting or conference call

  • Bi-weekly updated personal workout plan to match your ability via Google Docs

  • Modified cross training if needed

  • Weekly communication via email, text or phone with your coach

  • Opportunities for group workouts and runs (If available in your local area)

  • Detailed race plan for your goal event i.e. Nutrition, hydration, pacing, etc.

Once the initial time frame has been fulfilled, a month by month recurring service will continue unless you choose a new program or cancel. A minimum of 4 months must be completed before early cancellation will be considered. Early cancellation is possible for a prorated amount of the initial commitment pending communication with the owner. Special circumstances are rare but may allow for cancellation without fee or prorated amount – pending communication with the owner.


Erica Boutilette

Getting myself a running coach, and joining NLR, was the best decision I could have made for not only my running, but for ME! Being a part of this group has made me a stronger runner. I have PRed every race since I joined, and made tons of friends in the meantime. I always ran alone before, and now I very rarely run by myself. The group aspect is a real game changer! The coaching has been amazing for my running as well! I went from running maybe 15 miles/week to now 50, and feeling great. I started with a 1/2 marathon PR of 1:59, and 4 months later ran another half at 1:49, then a full marathon a couple weeks later in 3:57! I’m so thankful for all that I have gotten out of coaching! I’ve learned so much, and gained confidence in my running that I never had! Something Thomas said to me when I first started was, “You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. just know it’s not forever, and you’ll do great!” This is something that has stuck with me, and I say to myself before every hard workout or race!!


Melanie Greenwood

I’ve known Thomas for awhile before he became my coach in April 2018. For me having a coach is essential.  I only began running several years ago and as much as I love running, I realized I needed guidance, support and accountability to keep making progress. I’ve had other coaches but always struggled with keeping my life and running in balance. Thomas has a wide range of runners he coaches and understood my need to keep it all in balance.  While running is a huge part of my life, I also have a very demanding personal and professional life that demands my time as well. He always takes this into consideration when developing my plans and training schedule. My plans are not generic but tailored to my needs. He is supportive and encouraging when “life” presents its challenges to my running.  He’s such a positive guy and helps keep it all in perspective. He, himself, is a great balance of tuff love push and understanding support. His coaching style isn’t just about a running plan, he includes educating his runners through sharing resources such as book and podcast ideas specific to our struggles, weekly encouragement that comes from his heart and coaches the “whole person” not just the runner.   The honest pride he

shows in ALL his runners’ successes, big or small, makes me as a runner want to do better.


David Schrader

I came to Thomas with a goal to run my first Marathon. I knew it would not be easy. With the only goal to finish and finish comfortably, he came up with a training plan. If I did the work, he believed I could complete the race. Over the course of 20 weeks I followed his advice and the training plan. He offered guidance, support, and frequent check-ins as to how I was feeling and always was positive in his feedback to me. He believes in anyone's ability to achieve their running goals. He doesn't care if you're fast, slow or anything in between. He will bring out the best in you as an athlete. I felt accountable to myself and to him in following my training. He knows the delicate balance of giving you a gentle 'push' when he feels you need it, and allowing you to fit the training into your life. I recently signed up for my second Marathon and look forward to improving my running skills under his instruction. He has made me a better runner and a better person. I highly recommend his services.

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