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Personalized coaching to take your running to the next level. 

Thomas Paquette Running Coach


Our Mission


Next Level Running Co. is a training group based in Keene, NH, yet we reach athletes from all over the United States.


Founded by passion, NLR's mission is to help athletes of all abilities and goals, guiding you to become your very best, and to reach your potential, in not just running, but life. Our purpose is to make you believe in yourself, reach goals you never knew you could reach, and keep inspiring.


We run because it makes us happy, brings the good out in each and every one of us, and because of our yearning for adventure. Keep playing, stay happy, and just run. It will take you to the Next Level.



Running has always been a passion of mine. For the past four years, I have led numerous athletes of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to success - whether it be getting moving again, completing their first 5k, setting a personal record in a half marathon, or qualifying for the Boston Marathon.


It is through my own training and private coaching that I have learned what it takes to become a well-rounded runner: Patience and consistency over a long period of time; persistence, and always running with a sense of grace and gratitude. It is my belief that there is nothing more exciting than to help others towards a path of success, and that every run should end with a smile.


I founded Next Level Running Co. to help those  on their own running journey, just like the coaches before me. I am excited to bring my experience and expertise to those who need it, and witness their potential grow to the Next Level.



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